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Flowers add beauty to any event, especially when you are all gussied up for Prom! Please call us ahead to make your order. We take extra care to make each wristlet and boutonnière super special to match what you are wearing. These are some flowers I often use in crafting this wearable flower art: Freesia, Orchid, Ranunculus, Rose, Spray Rose, Wax Flower, Carnation, Specialty Greenery. And don't forget the sparkle! I try to match the flowers to the theme of the Prom. This year's Prom 2019 at Harwood Union was 'Enchanted Forest' My! That was a fun theme to make flowers for!!!

Graduation is approaching! What better way to honor a Graduate then with a big celebratory bouquet of fresh fleurs! I will be sure to add ribbons in school colors! Call ahead to order your Graduate's bouquet. Don't worry about freshness... all cut flower bouquets leave Proud Flower with water packs to keep the flowers hydrated. You can even pick up your bouquet the night before Graduation. Give me a call...I love helping make these events even more special with flowers! nina

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