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2020 SUGARTOWNE Wood-Fired Maple Syrup is AVAILABLE!!! and delicious! :)

It’s here!!! Are you ready for the Vermont taste of Spring? Zebulon has been busy boiling away. We are giving great THANKS to Mother Nature who has provided for SugarTowne and many other sugar makers across our great state! 2020 has been a great run…and it isn’t over yet! Here are our offerings so far this year:

As of right now, Zebby has canned up his famous DARK ROBUST wood-fired maple syrup in the standard plastic jugs:

$20 Quart $30 Half-Gallon $50 Gallon (I’m sorry, but we are not in the position to offer our regular “peeps” $ discount right now) We will accept CA$H, check, and I can run your credit card through my Square system, if needed. PICK-UP outside of my shop Proud Flower this THURSDAY, APRIL 2 from 12-2. We will take every precaution to wipe down all the jugs and keep the physical distance between us! Please call us at home to place your order 244-7048. THANK YOU friends!! It will be nice to see you and wave at you from afar!

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